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The Forgotten Battle of Stones River

Let me take you back to December 26, 1862.  It’s a cold Tennessee winter and General Braxton Bragg has chosen Murfreesboro to position his troops to stop any Union advances towards Chattanooga [ …. ]

Kris Crosby Lord

Green Dragon Public House

I was taking a leisurely stroll on one of my Wandering Days, you see, around Murfreesboro’s beautiful city square the other day. The weather was finally breaking the harsh toll of winter and green [….]

T. David Taylor

Going Bald & Bold in the Boro

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when The Boro Insider crew and I pulled open the front doors at Lanes Trains and Automobiles for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation community event aptly named “Bald in the Boro,”  [....]

T. David Taylor

Uncle Dave Macon Days

Come one, come all, to Uncle Dave Macon Days Old Time Music Festival.  Every July, over 30,000 people gather at Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro, Tennessee  [....]

Kris Crosby Lord

Mayday Brewery

I was excited that one of the premier reviews and business introductions for the The Boro Insider is Mayday Brewery - and for good reason. If you don’t already know about this community gem [….]

T. David Taylor

For His Grace

Children are being branded and inked and sold for sex trade nationwide, but no one really considers the fact it’s going on in their community.  [.....]

Calley Smith

The Battle of Stones River Uncle Dave Macon Days Mayday Brewery
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